Do You Have A Pharmaceutical Drug Deficiency? Big Pharma Hires Mad Scientists To Say You Do

If You Heed The Hype Of The Drug Manufacturing Industry, You Will Begin To Believe You Were Born With A Pharmaceutical Deficiency

If you listen to the pharmaceutical representatives and the majority of physicians you will soon be led to believe that you have a “patented” chemical deficiency, which you inherited from birth, and which can only be remedied through statin drugs. Please be aware that the word “patented” should be a reminder to you not to leave your VISA card at home (your gonna need it) when visiting your family drug pusher — excuse me — doctor.

Although statin drugs have been shown to have an almost zero percent success rate and although these patented chemicals come equipped with very undesirable side effects such as muscle weakness, diabetes, heart attacks and even death, nevertheless these abominations are pushed as miracle drugs. You see, the so-called scientists who make outrageous claims about these “miracle drugs” are actually funded by the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them. These pawns of Big Pharma might be wearing a white jacket, nevertheless they are anything but true scientists, although they might actually boast the academic credentials. As a matter of fact, their research is rigged to avoid finding any problems with the drugs they are being paid to sanction and promote.

Some of these statin drugs produce profit margins of over 500,000%! Let me spell that out for you in case you think I added a zero or two by mistake. I said five hundred thousand percent! Do you see why this gazillion dollar industry does not fund scientists who might actually believe that Americans don’t have a pharmaceutical drug deficiency, but rather a vitamin deficiency caused by a lack of proper nutrition. I mean, how much does it cost to go down to your local Farmers Market and buy some organic fruit, vegetables, and greens? More importantly because these foods grow in the soil and therefore cannot be patented yet (this will surely change when genetically modified food becomes our only source of nutrition) since the pharmaceutical giants have not found a way to capitalize monetarily on good nutrition as a means of health and healing, antioxidant rich foods such as fruits and vegetables will not be touted as medicine unlike their laboratory made statin drugs. Until they have found a way to make a five hundred thousand percent profit on natural healing don’t expect them to champion the benefits of this common sense approach.

Do you see why the industry’s paid lackeys (scientists) don’t even blush when they are filling us with lies while at the same time making a mockery of something as honorable as true science? True science seeks answers as to how the universe functions. So-called “science” funded by big industry seeks to cover up anything that might hinder sales and the bottom line. It accentuates the positive even if the positive is really not there, and ignores the negative altogether.

Statin drugs with their almost zero percent success rate and their fearful side effects have never been able to match what natural remedies such as Vitamins A, C, E, selenium, and beta-carotene from food sources can accomplish in terms of healing for your body, and they never will. It matters very little if the criminals at the FDA deny true medical doctors the right to prescribe sources of vitamins as medicine nor does it change the fact that these natural remedies heal. I am sorry to say it but it takes an utterly brainwashed individual (shame on Big Pharma) or a blithering idiot (shame on you) to believe that a mad scientist in a laboratory can make a synthetic drug that can perform better than the real thing. Yet we are asked — TOLD — to believe this every day. That is why Americans continue to make the big drug companies ridiculously wealthy and they do it with a large percentage of money that could and should be spent on the welfare of their own families.

If you are one who continues to allocate a large percentage of your income to the drug pushers for the privilege of swallowing every statin drug, antidepressant, vaccine, or new chemical that the big drug company’s mad scientists are paid an extremely high rate of income to dream up and then produce in their Frankenstein type laboratories, you should also be prepared to eventually give them your life savings because they won’t stop until they have it. On the bright side, however, if you continue to eat these man-made poisons while shunning fresh organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds you won’t live for very long anyway. But while you live (even if it is a painful existence) you will certainly pay the piper and you will pay dearly.

In closing I would like to make something perfectly clear. Although your body may actually be starving for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, nevertheless you do not now, nor have you ever had a pharmaceutical drug deficiency! So why not quit giving away your paycheck every week as though you do?

Do You Ever Ask Yourself the Question – How Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Get in Drinking Water?

How do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? Probe finds drugs in drinking water

In March, 2008 a major news story hit the airwaves. An AP investigation into the safety of common tap water led to the revelation that there were drugs in the drinking water. And it wasn’t an isolated case according to the news report entitled: probe finds drugs in drinking water; more than 41 million Americans may be at risk. The story went on to answer the question: how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water?

And the answer was a little alarming. The fact is that all of us contribute to the problem and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get around it. According to the AP investigative report, “probe finds drugs in drinking water”: The drugs get there in two ways: First, when we take medicine of any kind, our body simply doesn’t absorb the entire drug. So if we are taking medicine, every time we flush some of it goes down the drain. The second answer to how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water has to do with the way we dispose of outdated or unused medicines. We either flush them down the toilet or rinse them down the drain. When the resulting sewage is processed, the drugs remain in the water. At least 10% of this recycled water ends up in our drinking water.

While the AP report: “probe finds drugs in drinking water”, was very informative in answering the question: how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? I am actually more interested in ways that I can protect my family from this possible risk.

I got a partial answer in the news story itself. It noted that a reverse osmosis water filtration system works to filter out drugs and other chemicals from tap water but, then it went on to say that this type of water filtration system doesn’t work 100 % of the time.

I thought about buying bottled water but then I read that the bottled water industry isn’t regulated nearly as well as our tap water and our tap water has the problem. Unknown to most who purchase it, there is contamination in bottled water as well. People who use it still have to wonder: how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water?

Next, I looked into other types of water filtration systems available to home owners and I discovered that a carbon-ion water filtration system was the best solution. The carbon-ion filtration system not only traps the bacteria, pollutants, drugs and chemicals that may remain in tap water after it has been processed but it also renders the chemicals and drugs inert.

I went ahead and purchased a carbon-ion water filtration system for my home and I am pleased with the results. Others may have to wonder: how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water; but, I feel safe in the knowledge that my family is protected from such worries.

How Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Get in Drinking Water? Probes Tell Us

Have you ever wondered how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? When I heard the announcement stating that a probe finds drugs in drinking water I was hardly surprised. After all, what haven’t they found in our reservoirs?

So, how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? The biggest suppliers of drugs to our drinking water system are surprisingly enough all of the hospitals and clinics around the country whose preferred method of disposal seems to be flushing outdated medicines down the toilet.

It is no wonder that a probe finds drugs in drinking water with unsafe practices such as this occurring. The frightening thing is that it is the pharmaceutical companies themselves that suggested that the drugs be disposed of in this manner. Who in their right mind would have thought that this was a good idea?

So now that we have established that it is mainly careless disposal that is the answer to the question how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water, what action is the EPA going to take in order to protect the American population from this latest impurity in our reservoir system? They are doing absolutely nothing.

When you heard the news that a probe finds drugs in drinking water, were you really expecting that the EPA was going to be able to do something about it except add these drugs to the ever growing list of chemical contaminants found in our drinking water? They will just set a “safe” limit on the amounts that can be present, then forget about the whole thing.

Was it ever reported that the EPA had even put thought into how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? They were not the ones who even reported the practice of flushing outdated drugs, it was actually a mid- western nurse who broke the story to the media.

If a probe finds drugs in drinking water it would be common sense to think that the EPA would order a dangerous disposal method like that be stopped, but nothing ever came of it. The practice still continues today, because the argument is that you don’t want outdated medications going to landfills where “they could fall into the wrong hands.

The water treatment facilities are not equipped to be able to remove any of the drugs from our drinking water once they have become diluted just as they can’t block virtually any other chemical, so what do we do? If I was you I would go out of my way to buy a home water purification system in order to protect my family’s health and welfare.

You simply cannot let this torrent of contaminants continue to threaten the safety of your family. Action must be taken on your part so that your children aren’t constantly ingesting morphine mixed with octane boosters. Now that we know the answer to how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water it is time to take action to make sure that they cannot affect our lives.